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XIOS Multinode Windows Setup

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Копируем адрес с меткой MN1 и отправляем на него 1000 XIOS, а 0,0001 уйдет на комиссию

XIOS – another crypto currency with POS mining and masternodes, which give a good reward without large computing power usage, and therefore save money for electricity bills.

=&0=& =&1=& 21,000,000 coins=&2=& Scrypt=&3=& PoW/PoS=&4=& Xios=&5=& XIOS=&6=& 2=&7=& 37192=&8=& 37191=&9=&=&10=&=&11=& 0%=&12=& 0  coins

More details on the bitcointalk:  [ANN] ✅ Xios PoS/PoW

Let’s now consider setup process of masternode and multiple masternode for Windows 7.

Мasternode(MN) setup a

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